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Resurfacers & Peels

Here at Bicester Glow Clinic, we have searched the skincare world high and low to find you the best, results driven, science led international skincare to offer you high-end facials, resurfacers, peels, & Microneedling, along with top of the range homecare products, specifically chosen across 9 collections to achieve your skin goals. 

Exclusively using DERMAQUEST skincare priducts, we are able to offer unparralled skincare. DermaQuest chemical peels and resurfacer treatments harness the deeply exfoliating properties of a variety of naturally occurring acids including those derived from fruit, nuts and milk to name but a few.

These acids including Lactic, Mandelic, Glycolic and Salicylic help to un-clog pores, reduce inflammation and regulate excessive oil production thus removing dead and damaged skin cells and stimulating the renewal of healthy new cells beneath the surface of the skin. Following your treatment, once healed, open pores, blemishes, acne, pigmentation and fine lines are all visibly reduced and your skin is left glowing, tightened and radiant.

Combining home care, resurfacers and peels we are able to create the perfect skincare regime bespoke to you.


Let us use our knowledge and experience to help eradicate your skin woes. Across our offerings we can treat:                          

Rosacea/Redness/Sensitive skin


Fine lines/Wrinkles


Sun damaged/Hyperpigmentation


Acne/Oily skin


Enlarged pores/Poor texture


Dull/Dehydrated/Combination skin

Acne Scarring

Surgical scars

There are lots of facials and treatments which require little to no prep and no patch test, working safely on all skin types. Some of our treatments and resurfacers may require you to prep your skin, and you may need a patch test. We will inform you if this is the case.


Whether you need a patch test or not we recommend booking a consultation before any treatments so our specialist can formulate a bespoke treatment plan for you. If you'd prefer to discuss these over a facial, that's great, too! 


During your consultation our specialist will:

Discuss the area(s) of concern including a likely treatment plan and outcome which may combine methods 


Do a small routine patch test to check your skins response to the chosen resurfacer specific to your skin type, if having a resurfacer


Explain what happens during your treatment, how to prepare, aftercare, & costs


Answer any questions you may have


Who is this for? Preventative aging treatment for skin types experiencing dull, lifeless and uneven skin tone. This peel brightens and hydrates the skin as it removes layers of sluggish cells. Ferulic acid, orange stem cells, and plethora of plant extracts infuse the skin with antioxidants and hydrating properties to contribute to barrier repair, cell turnover with 15% Ascorbic Acid to stimulate collagen (skin prep required). Downtime- Mild flakiness



Who is this for? Clients with Melasma, Hyperpigmentation, dull, lifeless skin with hormonal breakouts. Excellent to battle deep, resistant pigmentation due to hormones, sun damage or long standing post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. A deep peel, 4 clever acids work together to reduce damaged skin cells by increasing cell turnover. Phytic Acid an effective tyrosine inhibitor to suppress melanocytes to prevent and reduce pigmentation, with Lactic Acid to brighten and even skin tone (skin prep required). Downtime 7-10 days



Who is this for? Our most comprehensive and potent anti-ageing peel. Deep wrinkles, severe photo damage, enlarged pores, deep wrinkles and dull sagging skin. Skin is thick and resilient, with acne scaring and pigment concerns. A fantastic potent anti- ageing peel containing Trichloroacetic Acid. This peel provides rapid and aggressive exfoliation of superficial layers, instantly promotes a smoother and softer texture. Evens out skin tone and improves all skin care concerns leaving revitalized skin, softer and smoother. Downtime 7-10 days

Our favourite peels

Please check our FAQ page if you would like more information

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