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DERMAQUEST Facials & Resurfacers

Results driven & science led cosmeceutical brand carefully chosen for professional in-clinic treatments, in addition to your own personally recommended home-use products by our experienced skin specialists targeting acne/oily skin, pigmentation, fine lines/ageing, dull/tired skin, & rosacea. Treatment times marginally vary across the ranges.







Skin consultation and/or Patch test

Refundable booking fee applies. Your chance to have a bespoke course of treatments put together for you and your skin goals, or to discuss a combination of tailored home care products for optimal results. Patch test required for any resurfacer. 


30min Rejuvenating Facial

Specific to your skin concerns as mentioned above. Leave feeling refreshed with thoroughly detoxed skin, improving texture, unclogging pores, for ultimate hydration and softer skin.


Mini Resurfacing Facial

Specifically chosen exfoliant allowing deeper penetration of key ingredients tailored to reduce your skin concerns as above.


Resurfacing Facial

As above, with a more extended period using the exfoliant chosen. Your sessions will be built up from and upto a safe level as your tolerance increases for maximum results. 

- Your specialist will explain the benefits and key ingredients of your recommended facial/resurfacer at your consultation. Each skin concern has a number of combinations of ingredients our specialists will put together to achieve the best results for you.

- Please note all resurfacers require a patch test at least 2 days before treatment. 

- Skin prep is required for some resurfacers 2-6 weeks prior to treatment (skin tone dependant) to ensure safe application with maximum results. This will be discussed at your consultation. Our recommended skin prep can be purchased for £69 (3 month supply of home care).

IPL Skin Rejuvenation - Thread veins, Rosacea, Pigmentation, Acne, Anti-ageing

The innovative technology that is Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), also known as the PhotoFacial, reduces the signs of rosacea, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, ageing, acne, and thread veins. Market leading Crystal Cool technology within our state of the art machine ensures your treatment is of the utmost comfort, while ensuring safe and effective results. A patch test is required for all treatments and areas. 





IPL Patch test

Refundable booking fee applies. In order to safely have any treatment where light is used on the skin, a patch test must first be conducted to check your skins response to the treatment is one that is expected and safe. If unsure please send photos before booking.


Small Area

Eg nose or equivalent size area to be treated.

Medium Area

Cheeks or forehead or both hands (or equivalent).


Large Area

Full face or décolleté. 

- Please note all IPL treatments require a patch test at least 2/3 days before treatment.

- Prices are per treatment. Each clients results may vary and subsequent treatments may be needed for best results.

Virtually "Pain Free" Laser Hair Removal

Unlike common laser hair removal methods which are slow, lengthy, and above all painful; our intelligent machine works at an incredible pace, and along with its innovative Crystal Cool technology, most clients in most treatment areas report feeling nothing but a tingle! - This varies between clients and across treatment areas however in comparison to other machines, is far superior and the Rolls Royce in comfortable hair reduction.

Buy 5 get your 6th free!

20% off for multi area bookings!


Laser Hair Removal Patch test

Refundable booking fee (upon attendance see t's & c's) applies.


Bikini Full Body Package

Bikini line, underarms, lower legs (upgrade to full leg for £25 extra)

Brazilian Full Body Package

Brazilian, underarms, lower legs (upgrade to full leg for £25 extra)

Hollywood Full Body Package

Hollywood, underarms, lower legs (upgrade to full leg for £25 extra)

Pick n' Mix

Coming Soon!!







Top Half

Laser Hair Removal Patch test

Refundable booking fee (upon attendance see t's & c's) applies.


Upper lip (or same size facial area)

Upper lip or other very small facial area eg between eyebrows.

Chin or side burns (or other small facial area)

Could also be cheeks or forehead or neck


Under arm

Full under arm area.


Speaks for itself


Lower Arms

Upto elbow.


Full arms

Upto top of biceps.


from wrist to fingers


Across top of back/shoulders only.

Full Back

from waistband to shoulders

Bottom Half


Around belly button area.


Lower legs

Upto above the knee.


Upper Legs

above the knee

Full legs

Upto upper thigh.


Ankles to toes

Inner Thigh

Bikini extension



Need we say any more

Bikini line

Area outside of regular bikini bottoms.



More than bikini, less than full area.


Full area.




























- Please note all Laser treatments require a patch test 15min(pale skin) upto 45min(dark skin) before treatment.

- Buy 5 get your 6th free!

- Multi area discounts apply. Please enquire.

- As with all laser hair removal, full permanent removal is not guaranteed, but a permanent reduction in hair given that your hair is dark enough and darker than your skin.

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