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Virtually "Pain Free" Laser Hair Removal

Whilst it may be a bold claim, we really do believe our state of the art, medical grade Laser machine is virtually Pain Free!

Laser hair removal historically has been a very painful and long process. Using Crystal Cool Technology within a diode laser able to fire multiple shots per second lessening the impact, the handpiece applicator remains freezing cold and the shots almost undetectable. Cooling gel conducts any heat from the laser, allowing the laser to convey the correct energy into the hair follicle instead of wasted energy as heat onto the skin. 


The usual "hot elastic band flicking" pain described for this treatment is a thing of the past with this machine. Clients are forever asking if it is working as they can't feel much at all! This does of course vary person to person, and between treatment areas. Intimate areas and the upper lip tend to not be pain free but rated only a 1 or 2 on the scale. Certainly when compared to a wax or other lasers/hair removal methods.


As we reach the end of your treatment course we may also increase the conveyed energy which can then feel like "a few hairs being plucked". This creeps outside of the "pain free" claim, however we are confident you will be so pleased with how little you can feel, coupled with amazing results - certainly compared to traditional laser hair removal - the minimal sensation felt will be forgiven. 


Laser hair removal uses a much more specific wavelength with each pulse of light compared to IPL which has varying degrees with each flash. With each treatment more hair follicles are damaged, making hair growth thereafter thinner, softer hairs, and less of them! For removal of the hair it needs to be targeted during a specific stage during its growth period, each hair will be at a different stage and therefore not every hair will be removed during each treatment. 


We can treat almost all skin types (although not light hairs - and the hairs must be significantly darker than the skin). Darker skin types can typically warrant less energy for safe treatment, however we only ever treat clients after a patch test, so if you're unsure, please book a Laser hair removal Patch Test and our specialist can run through everything with you and check your suitability. 


During your consultation our specialist will:    

Discuss the area(s) of hair you wish to remove including likely treatment plan and outcome


Do a small routine patch test to check your skins response to the laser


Explain what happens during your treatment, how to prepare, aftercare, & costs


Answer any questions you may have, please visit our FAQ for information prior to this.

Skins with an active tan (suntanned within last 2 weeks) can not be treated or even patch tested under any circumstances. There are also some cautions we must take with tattoos, birth marks, scars, and other visible skin lesions.